On-Call Residential Counselor


organization:Inn Home for Boys
position summary:

This employee will act as a Residential Youth Counselor on an on-call/ as needed basis. We need someone that is flexible, dependable, on-time and can communicate. We also want someone that has a real desire to help youth out. This position will fluctuate between the InnSpire program and the InnDependence program. InnSpire: ages 12-16 InnDependence: ages 16-19

Salary / Pay Rate:10.00 hourly
Apply by:November 28, 2011
Required Skills and Abilities:* Ability to remain calm in crisis * Dependability * Extremely flexible, as shifts and program needs fluctuate in a 24 hour facility * Arrives to work on time * Communicates clearly to supervisors and co-workers * Ability to pick up last minute shifts
Qualifications:* Knowledge and/or experience working with high risk youth * Experience working in a residential setting
Education Required:High School or equiv.
Other:Equal Opportunity Employer

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