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'Lean Portland' looking for volunteer opportunity with non-profit

Lean Portland is a group of lean professionals whose goal is to bring continuous improvement methodologies to local non-profits through volunteering and training.

We are currently looking for a non-profit who is interested and excited about doing more with their current resources.  We would like to "teach you how to fish"--help you to really understand lean thinking so you can continue to create lean processes and programs after we have worked with you to enhance your current ones.

We are posting here because we have chosen more of a "pull" method to find an organization to work with because it ensures that the people in the non-profit are committed to the process, as that is the only way that lean will work!  

Here are some articles to better understand how lean has been used in non-profits.  Please remember that the main goal is "continuous improvement"--no matter how good you are, you can always do it better!

Introducing Lean for Nonprofits

Boeing Boosts Non-Profit Agencies by Providing Lean Manufacturing Tips

Lean Lessons from the Non-Profit World

Our exact volunteer offer of time and knowledge will depend on the needs of the non-profit we work with.  We look forward to understanding what will help your unique organization reach more people/pets/etc with your current resources!

Please send us an email if you are interested in learning more:  [email protected]

Please note: although in our work life most of the group are involved in for-profit companies, we will not try to sell you services.  We are offering our time solely because we want to give back to the community.