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YEA Camp hiring camp counselors

YEA Camp is a summer camp for 12-17 year old activists who want to make a
difference and change the world! For more about our program, see

*Counselors will:*

-Monitor and ensure the safety of campers -Positively support campers in
keeping the camp agreements they set up and in following the YEA Honor Code
and rules -Lead workshops or camp activities, as planned with camp
directors and staff -Share about their own activist experiences in a way
that inspires youth to take positive action for change -Be a positive role
model to youth -Work cohesively and in close communication with other
talented staff -Help prepare meals and keep camp clean and operating
smoothly, as needed -Maintain a positive and encouraging attitude for youth
and staff throughout camp -Pitch in however is needed to have camp be a
total success and a life-changing experience for everyone involved -Commit
to mentoring 2 to 4 campers throughout the school year to help youth bring
their plans into action. Mentoring will take place over phone calls, Skype,
email, Facebook and/or in several reunions during the year. Counselors will
be coached throughout their mentoring by a YEA Camp director. The time
commitment is approximately 1 hour per week.

*YEA Camp is seeking candidates who have:*

-Successfully worked with youth in a supportive environment -A history of
engaging in nonviolent social, political, environmental or other activism,
community organizing, or other forms of engagement for social change,
preferably on multiple different issues and using a variety of positive
tactics and approaches -A commitment to strive towards human rights,
environmental and animal protection, and anti-oppression -A familiarity and
passion for current events, awareness of multiple social issues, and
humility and intellectual curiosity regarding new topics and differing
ideas and viewpoints -A desire to bring the skills and ideas they have
learned to the next generation of leaders and change-makers -Worked well
collaboratively with others, using non-violent or other respectful
communication -Outstanding interpersonal skills, great sense of humor, and
a desire to have LOTS of fun while maintaining a commitment to the end goal
of supporting youth activism -A vision for the transformation of our
communities, ourselves, and our planet -Trainings in youth empowerment or
other youth work -CPR/First Aid are a plus -Preference for those with
previous camp staff experience

Background checks will be conducted.
Start and end datesJuly 7-13 and/or 14-20, 2012 with a 3 day staff training
July 4-6
How to apply

*For more information about our program, visit www.yeacamp.org.*

To apply, submit resume, references, and cover letter explaining your
interest in working for YEA Camp to [email protected]

Thanks and we look forward to hearing from you!