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NWSA AmeriCorps Volunteer Coordinator for The ReBuilding Center of Our United Villages

Our United Villages is a locally-based, private, non-profit community enhancement organization. The ReBuilding Center, a project of Our United Villages, accepts and carries the region’s largest volume of used building and remodeling materials. It provides resources that make home repairs affordable to everyone, with the goal of inspiring reuse.

Position Summary: The Volunteer Coordinator will maintain, enhance and further develop Our United Village’s (OUV) volunteer program. S/he will research and implement a variety of volunteer recruitment strategies (20%); work with OUV staff to identify volunteer tasks and projects (5%); provide volunteers with orientation, tours, and safety training and assign to tasks (35%); develop and implement recognition strategies (5%); and maintain volunteer paperwork and tracking mechanisms (5%). S/he will also contribute to the overall mission of Our United Villages by scheduling participation in trade shows (Home & Garden, Home Improvement & Remodeling, Fix-It Fairs, Earth Day events, etc.) and coordinating with volunteers and staff to provide coverage and arrange logistics (30%).

The majority of our volunteers work in the warehouse of The ReBuilding Center. Other volunteers assist The ReBuilding Center’s services, ReFind Furniture and DeConstruction Services. Volunteers also support Our United Village’s administrative staff. Volunteers work in a variety of capacities, from pulling nails to sorting doorknobs to office projects. Our United Villages was started with 100% volunteer effort. Volunteers are essential to the vitality of our organization. The work of the Volunteer Coordinator will serve the overall goal of increasing OUV’s organizational capacity to provide environmental, social and economic benefits to local communities.

For more information including detailed responsibilities, position requirements and how to apply: Please see attached position description and/or: http://northwestserviceacademy.org/position.cfm.

For more information about Our United Villages and The ReBuilding Center, please see: www.rebuildingcenter.org and www.ourunitedvillages.org.