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Computer Lab Tech Opportunity

Please help us! We’re losing our current lab tech to Stanford at the end of the summer, and we desperately need a knowledgeable human to replace him. We can’t pay you, but we have been known to ply our tech with pies and other delicious treats.

You will be responsible for the maintenance of public computer stations in 3 Portland locations.


- Administer approximately 2 dozen Windows XP systems in public computer stations at 3 locations, including installation, maintenance, repair, upgrades, etc.

- Perform very basic network administration including configuration of DHCP and web proxies

- Advise on how to improve and expand computing services

Hours are erratic depending on unpredictable issues, but average about 5-10 hours per month. There are also weekend-sized projects approximately every 6 months. The ideal candidate will be willing to commit to a minimum of six months of service to this position, and will provide training for their replacement before they move on. Likewise, the current outgoing tech will introduce you to the lab when you accept this position.

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If you can help, please contact:

Wendi Anderson, Executive Director: (503) 280-9068 [email protected]


David Revell, our current lab tech: [email protected]