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Introduction to Transition Initiative - Wednesday 7pm @ St. Francis


Wednesday, July 22, 2009 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm        

The Transition Initiative is a community response to the twin challenges of peak oil and climate change.  Initiated in Ireland in 2004 by Permaculture designer and teacher Rob Hopkins, the Transition Initiative has been adopted by communities around the world looking to transform their locality and build resilience, the ability to withstand shock caused by such things as rising oil prices, for a low carbon future.  

This introduction to the Transition Initiative model will explore the tools that Transition makes available to communities, as well as looking at how we are adapting the model for Portland.  There will be time for questions and for exploring how you can get involved and bring the Transition Initiative to your neighborhood.

Location: Francis Dining Hall - 1182 SE Pine St. - Portland, OR



Also, there is another event this weekend folks might be interested in .


Sunday, July 26, 2009 - 4:00pm - 7:00pm        


Looking ahead: This Pre-Parliament event focuses on the theme of building community, one of the major program themes of the Melbourne Parliament event.  Engaging each other in ways that strengthen social cohesion across our region provides us with a beginning experience that we wish to build on over the coming year -- and beyond.

Post-Parliament event:

We will support the relationships and friendships forged in the Pre- Parliament event with another event after the Parliament

  • To hear from those returning from Melbourne what they experienced
  • To share personal experiences since and as a result of our  Portland/Vancouver Pre-Parliament event
  • Staying connected and supporting work of mutual interest across our  region:

As you uncover shared convictions and concerns, we encourage you to

  • Stay connected with your new friends and support each other’s  initiatives where your interests converge
  • Participate in each other’s events
  • Respond to invitations to come back together to learn more about what people are doing in the region and expand your network of diverse connections to Make a World of Difference!

To RSVP, contact:

Helen Spector - [email protected] - 503.296.7248

Location - First United Methodist Church of Portland - 18th and SW Jefferson - Portland, OR