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Oregon Electric Vehicle Association looking for new Chairperson

Are you looking for experience leading a non-profit group but don't have a huge amount of time?

Would you like to get involved in the future of transportation?

Come and get involved with educating people and promoting the future of electric vehicles!

The Oregon Electric Vehicle Association (www.oeva.org) is currently seeking an outgoing, people-oriented individual to set its vision and lead the organization.

This volunteer (unpaid) officer position requires a fairly low time comittment (8-9 hours a month) and involves running monthly meetings and answering e-mails from outside contacts.

You do NOT need to own an electric vehicle(EV) or know all the technical details of EVs; we have plenty of technical experts in the organization to assist you.

What we need right now is a people organizer who can assemble a vision, delegate responsibility and take the organization forward.

If you're psyched about promoting the future of sustainable, emissions-free transportation, please contact us or take a look at our website for more information (http://www.oeva.org).

We are discussing the roles of officers at our August 13th meeting and will hold an election for new officers on September 10th. Please see our website for directions to the meetings.

Please contact me if interested and I'd be happy to discuss this further.


Tim Kutscha

Former OEVA Chair

[email protected]