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"Odds & Ends for Furry Friends" garage sale

Animal Aid is having its annual “Odds & Ends for Furry Friends” garage sale

 Date: Friday through Sunday 8/14-16 from

 Time: 9am-4pm daily  


Location : 5555 SW Dover Ct. in Portland just off SW Oleson Rd (between Vermont and Beaverton –Hillsdale Hwy.) 

All proceeds will go towards supporting our rescued, homeless cats and dogs and our Fund for Veterinary Care assisting low income families with pets in need of urgent medical care. 

We are accepting gently used items for the sale (preferably not clothing other than infant/toddler and no large furniture items). 

We also hope you will spread the word about the sale and stop by for some great people and pet related bargains. 

Lastly we are looking for another non-profit that might be interested in taking all our items that don’t sell.  We’ve found that what doesn’t sell in one area of the city is often quite popular in another area of the city.  For more information please refer to our Web site at: wwwAnimalAidPDX.org or email [email protected]


Joene Pike Executive Director, Animal Aid, Inc. Web: AnimalAidPDX.org

"Passionately Serving Animals and The People They Own"