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Let's Go Camping Program Coordinator

Position Title: Let's Go Camping Program Coordinator

Project Sponsor: Oregon Parks and Recreation Department http://www.oregon.gov/OPRD/PARKS/index.shtml

Service Dates: January 11, 2010 through November 19, 2010

Job Description: This position will continue to develop and implement the Let's Go Camping program on a statewide basis. Let's Go Camping is an outdoor skills program designed to provide families with knowledge and skills to pursue outdoor recreational experiences. (80%) - The primary goal of the position is to work with OPRD staff, volunteers and program partners to extend the Let's Go Camping program from a pilot area in the Willamette Valley across the state. Work will include, but is not limited to: training staff and volunteers; marketing; developing new recreation program modules; coordinating educational and interpretive activities; developing additional program materials. (20%) - The secondary goal of the position is to provide support for delivery of the program at state park sites across the state. These activities include interpretive presentations; children's learning activities such as the Junior Ranger program; educational walks and talks.

General Responsibilities (to include, but not limited to): 1. Provide resource materials to field units as they set up Let's Go Camping programs in their local parks. 2. Conduct outreach activities to community partners and groups representing underserved park user groups. 3. Work with staff, volunteers, students, visitors, and program partners to organize a series of two day, overnight campouts. 4. Coordinate guest and volunteer programs and activities. 5. Refine program manual for use in statewide programs at locations throughout the state. 6. Adapt the pilot program used in the Willamette Valley to serve statewide audiences by designing a core curriculum focused basic camping skills such as setting up camp, building a fire, cooking on outdoor stoves or with Dutch Ovens. Other activities that participants are exposed to during the program (and the intern would be teaching) may be hiking, map and compass, geocaching, wildlife and plant identification, kayaking, etc. 7. Participate in the local programs by creating and delivering interpretive and educational programs to park visitors on a variety of environmental and natural history themes. 8. Attend and complete all NWSA/AmeriCorps training and service requirements including orientation, trainings, team meetings and national service days. 9. Complete and submit all necessary NWSA/AmeriCorps paperwork and reports in a timely manner. 10. Wear an NWSA uniform and/or appropriate identifiers and required safety gear while performing service or attending official events.

Position Requirements: 1. Must have a valid driver's license, clean driving record and ability to provide documentation. 2. Deliver positive, professional communication to variety of park users, and community partners with a variety of opinions and worldviews. 3. Represent OPRD, the State of Oregon, and other program partners with the highest level of ethical and professional conduct in actions, communication, and appearance. 4. Ability to work with a wide variety of individuals with a variety of outdoor recreation experience and knowledge. 5. Work a variety of hours including evenings, weekends, 5 consecutive days with two consecutive days off. 6. Work in an outdoor environment in a variety of weather conditions, and a variety of landscapes and terrains. 7. Work collaboratively with a diverse team of volunteers, where work products or projects may change rapidly due to shifting priorities. 8. 21 years of age or older, at beginning of service term. 9. U.S. citizen, national or lawful permanent resident. 10. Possession of a high school diploma or equivalent, or commit to earning one prior to receiving an education award. 11. Ability to commit to the full term of service for which they are applying. 12. Must successfully pass a fingerprint criminal history background check provided through NWSA and/or Project Sponsor Agency. 13. Regular and reliable attendance. 14. Have not previously served two terms in an AmeriCorps*State or National program. Members may serve up to three terms in a National Service Program, but only two terms may be within an AmeriCorps*State or National program. Members are only eligible for an education award for their first two terms of service, regardless of the type of term (full or part-time) and regardless of the successful completion of that term.

Preferred Qualifications: 1. An independent, self-motivated, creative and resourceful individual who enjoys serving with diverse groups of people. 2. Interest or experience in natural resources, biology, and/or thematic interpretation. 3. Interest in outdoor recreation activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking, orienteering, and camping. 4. Strong organizational and interpersonal communication skills. 5. Desire to serve with people to promote education, environmental stewardship and an ethic of service. 6. A willingness to communicate openly, ask questions, accept positive criticism, and challenge personal boundaries of knowledge and opinion.

Member Benefits Include: 1. A total taxable living allowance (before taxes) of $1,140 per month ($11,400 for the 10-month term). 2. Upon successful completion of a term of service, eligible members/leaders receive an education award of $4,725. The education award can be used to repay qualified student loans, for further education in an accredited institution of higher learning, vocational or trade schools. The education award is taxed in the year that it is used. 3. Loan forbearance (after successful completion of a term of service, AmeriCorps will pay the accrued interest on qualified loans, which is taxable). 4. Basic medical insurance (covers members only, not dependents; vision and dental not included). 5. Child care allowance for those who qualify. 6. We can assist the member in finding low cost housing. 7. Professional development opportunity to attend a week-long Interpretive Core Training program offered in June.

Transportation Information: 1. While personal vehicle is not required for this position, Intern is responsible for transportation to and from 3-4 mandatory trainings in Trout Lake, WA, including an initial eight-day orientation (lodging included in trainings). 2. Personal vehicle is recommended to get to service site. 3. Organizational vehicle is available for service activities. 4. Project site is accessible by public transportation.

Application Deadline: On-going until filled. Interviews: Will interview as qualified applications are received. Service Dates: January 11, 2010 - November 19, 2010 Length of Term: 1700 hours

How to apply: Step 1 - Complete your application online at the AmeriCorps website AmeriCorps Application www.americorps.gov/Default.asp If you do not already have a username and password, you must Create A Profile https://my.americorps.gov/mp/login.do -Once you have logged in, create an application by clicking "Applications" under the "My AmeriCorps" menu. -To apply to this specific position, click "Search Listings" under the "My AmeriCorps" menu and search for program name Northwest Service Academy-MAC. -Select the position listing and click "Apply Now" at the bottom of the page. Step 2 - Send resume and cover letter to Amanda Green at [email protected]

Contact Information: Amanda Green Northwest Service Academy - Mt. Adams Center 2453 HWY 141 Trout Lake, WA 98650 T (509) 395-3465 F (509)395-3689 [email protected]

www.nwserviceacademy.org www.mtadamscenter.org