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organization:Rose Haven
position summary:

PRINCIPAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: - Support overall mission, philosophy and code of ethics of Rose Haven - Assist our guests by listening and giving support, information and referral with advocacy when needed - Co-facilitate groups - Participate and share leadership in reflection, debriefing, and staff meetings - Assist with program planning and evaluation - Assist in training/supporting new staff and volunteers - Network and establish linkages with collaborating agencies - Attend and participate in team meetings - Other duties as assigned

Salary / Pay Rate:based on experience
Required Skills and Abilities:Experience in advocacy and/or working with people experiencing homelessness. This position will start at 15-18 hours a week. They will fluctuate but will not be less than 16 during a regular work week. Eventually this position is intended to increase in hours with potential for full time
Qualifications:- Sensitivity, awareness and ability to work with persons who come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds and are very diverse in physical and mental health, experiences of abuse, education, criminal and employment histories as well as mental/emotional capabilities. - Ability to stay calm in stressful situations - Ability to set firm and loving boundaries - Advocacy skills - A commitment to advocacy with/for women who are disadvantaged - Flexible - Ability to work as a team member - Good listening and communication skills - Compassion, empathy and a willingness to learn - Ability to multi-task - Bachelor degree in appropriate field or equivalent related experience - Extensive knowledge of resources in the Portland area is a preference
Education Required:College degree
Other:Equal Opportunity Employer