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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with Psychosis and Trauma training at PSU

Cognitive Therapy for Psychosis: An Evidence-Based Psychological Approach for Delusions, Hallucinations, and Paranoia Fr Jan 8 8:30-4 pm with Ron Unger, MSW The first day of this two-part series focuses on cognitive therapy for psychosis as an evidence-based approach that can help people reduce problems associated with experiences such as delusions, voices, and paranoia. Learn how to work collaboratively with clients with psychosis, "explore the evidence," rather than impose beliefs, and use strategies that are often surprisingly similar to cognitive methods for reducing depression and anxiety. Develop options for clients so they are no longer forced to rely entirely on the often limited effectiveness of medications for symptom reduction. When Trauma and Psychosis Mix: An Evidence-Based Cognitive Therapy Approach to Understanding and Recovery Sa Jan 9 8:30-4 pm with Ron Unger, MSW The second day of the series focuses on current research indicating that trauma often plays a pivotal role in the development of psychotic disorders. Learn how to provide effective therapy to trauma survivors who also have psychotic symptoms, by integrating cognitive therapy for psychosis with other trauma therapies. By understanding the multiple pathways between trauma and psychosis, assist your clients in developing alternative, nonpsychotic explanations for difficult-to-integrate experiences.  Participants are encouraged to attend day 1 of this series, but it is not required. 

For more information and registration instructions, please visit http://www.ceed.pdx.edu/bh/ Kathy Lovrien, LCSW Portland State University Mental Health and Addictions Program Manager Continuing Education Graduate School of Education Phone: (503)725-8165 Fax:(503)725-5599 E-mail: [email protected] Web: http://ceed.pdx.edu/human_services.php