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American Hydrogen Association Northwest

Renwable Hydrogen Education

Region(s) Covered: Oregon & SW Washington

Contact Information

website link:http://www.ahanw.org
address:1500 E. 2nd St.
Newberg, OR  97132
principal contact:Abe Fouhy
email:[email protected]
[email protected]
phone:360-635-0336 x1026


To educate the general public about the benefits of converting to the use of hydrogen fuel made from solar energy, and other forms of non-polluting, renewable energy. To promote the use of hydrogen produced by renewable solar energy, to provide humanity with prosperity without pollution. To educate the public about the need to reduce and ultimately end the burning of fossil fuels, and by so doing to reduce pollution and global warming, thus restoring a healthy environment and creating a sustainable economy.


Prosperity without Pollution


The American Hydrogen Association Northwest is an excellent place to start your renewable energy career along with getting hands on experience from our staff that actually have experience in hydrogen. We have been providing research/development and education to the public since 1997.

Our staff & organization boasts an impressive knowledgebase available to the public via our website, forum and classes. Our staff has built several curriculums for Universities and Colleges along with several internal classes that we offer at a nominal cost to spread the word of renewable hydrogen energy.

We find that the way to educate is with a detailed examination at the technology visually, textually, and tactically. We do this through research, which include; white papers from the past and current technologies, engineering and lab work along with education. We find that when you teach something you end up learning even more than your students’ do, so this is a great way to keep the skills honed.

WE DO THIS EVERYDAY - Not just a catchy tagline, it is true. Our staff work in the renewable energy sector, building electro/thermal chemical technologies and our staff are instructors at both Universities and Colleges across the country. When we aren't educating we are in the lab proving that this technology can work in a safe, efficient and clean process. We do this in the effort to bring hydrogen to the mainstream.

We are not a political organization, we are a scientific organization built on facts. This is the main attraction that many people have when they come to us. This is why they stay and why we will do our best to help answer any questions that you may have about hydrogen. Our goal is to share our knowledge openly and without reservation, people know that when we tell them something that they are being told both the positives and negatives of a certain technology based on facts not fluff. We pride ourselves in testing and cutting through the bull that is out in general circulation right now.