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organization:The Oregon Bus Project
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Position: Development Director Location: Portland, Oregon

Organizational Overview The Bus Project is an innovative vehicle for hands-on democracy. We drive votes, leaders, and change. (And yes, we have a bus.) The Bus engages new people in the civic process for immediate impact and for long-term leadership development. Volunteer leaders often become involved due to a passion for positive politics and our six Es: Education, Environment, Equal Rights, Election Reform, Economy, and 'Ealth Care. The Bus Project is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, with offices in Multnomah and Lane Counties. Its affiliated organizations include the Bus Project Foundation, 501(c)(3), and the BusPAC. The Bus Project is not affiliated with any political party. Oodles more at

Job Description The Bus Project is currently seeking a highly driven and savvy Development Director to lead all aspects of fundraising for our ambitious and energetic organization. The Development Director is the lynchpin of the organization; s/he fuels the Bus. The Development Director is responsible for writing a board-approved fundraising plan every fiscal year (April-March), and works closely with the Executive Director and other organizational leaders to meet our fundraising goals. The Development Director is assisted by the Development Associate, who is responsible for processing donations, organizing donor correspondence, and leads our small donor efforts. The Manager must be able to assist the Associate in these roles as necessary. In addition to leading fundraising for the Bus Project and its affiliated organizations, the Development Director plays a leadership role in raising funds for the Bus Federation, a growing coalition of Bus Project-like organizations in four western states. This work entails seeking out national funding sources and participating in national convenings and table efforts on an as-needed basis. This position reports to the Managing Director. Qualifications • Semi-veteran: 2+ years of successful fundraising experience • Super organized and detail oriented: Sweat the small stuff and keep your ducks in line • Driven: You don't need someone breathing down your neck to get a lot done • Zoom factor: You see both the forest and the trees • Efficient and resourceful: You make much happen with little • Outgoing and tenacious: You schmooze, mingle and do what it takes to connect donors with the organization • Down with the cause: Experience with grassroots politics or other scrappy non-profit groups • Culturally competent: You're not only able to relate to people different than you, but you love to • Wordsmith: Top-notch writing and communication skills • Innovative: Interested and real excited about developing new fundraising strategies and methods • Sense of humor: You stay positive in the face of challenges and know how to laugh at yourself Responsibilities • Develop and lead the implementation of a strategic and diversified fundraising plan every year • Oversee fundraising activities at the state and local levels for the Bus Project and its affiliated organizations • Contribute heavily to fundraising activities at the national level for the Bus Federation • Identify, research and foster new opportunities for funding from a wide variety of sources, including foundations, major donors, small donors, and businesses • Build and maintain strong, positive relationships with existing funders • Oversee the preparation of high-quality and timely proposals, grants, reports, and mailings required to support ongoing fundraising activities • Manage and develop your own donor relationships • Manage and leverage the time of two organizational directors toward their ongoing outreach and relationship development towards fundraising goals • Mobilize full staff engagement with the fundraising needs and efforts of the organization • Oversee the work of the Development Associate • Help as needed with "all-hands-on-deck" moments (we're a small org and sometime we all have to band together)

To Apply Send cover letter, resume, three references, and a short writing sample to Ian Greenfield at [email protected] by June 28th at 5pm. Fine Print The Bus Project is an equal opportunity employer.

Salary / Pay Rate:DOE
Education Required:College degree
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