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Data Collection Volunteer

POSITION SUMMARY: The data collection volunteer conducts surveys in English, and if possible, Spanish, (we are especially interested in Spanish speaking volunteers!), to learn more about guests’ impressions of their OMSI visit(s). The data collection volunteer also collects data on the location of guests throughout the museum. Data is used to inform improvements to OMSI's guest experience with the goal of increasing repeat visitation to OMSI.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: • Conduct surveys and mapping in a timely and precise manner. • Interact with guests in a respectful and engaging way. • Collect reliable data.

QUALIFICATIONS: • Available to volunteer for three hours every other week at a minimum. • Language proficiency in English and preferably Spanish o Reading: Must have the ability to clearly comprehend dates, numbers and names, along with ability to distinguish the main idea and be able to locate specific details. Must be comfortable reading questions. o Writing: Must have sufficient mastery of vocabulary and grammar to communicate short factual or descriptive text. Must be comfortable writing quickly while in conversation with guests. o Oral: Must be able to express and comprehend subtle and complicated ideas as well as opinions. Must be able to comprehend various slang words and must be able to quickly improvise conversation. • Comfortable working in a busy, noisy environment • Comfortable interacting with visitors. • Able to write quickly and legibly. • Able to move quickly through the museum while counting visitors and recording their location.

VOLUNTEER BENEFITS: • Training and a lifelong learning experience. • Admission for the volunteer to the museum, OMNIMAX and Planetarium shows, and submarine tours. • An OMSI Family Membership upon completion of 50 hours of volunteer service. • Discounts in the Café and Science Store. • The opportunity to meet new people and learn more about OMSI. • Experience implementing visitor study methods. • The chance to contribute to the future development of OMSI.