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Home Drafty? Free Workshops!

Home drafty? Energy bills high? Community Energy Project provides free weatherization workshops focused on simple, do-it-yourself draft-stopping procedures. Qualified participants receive a free kit of weatherization materials to use on their home including internally mounted vinyl storm window kits, door weatherstripping, compact florescent lighting, and more. Great for renters and home-owners alike!

Please visit www.communityenergyproject.org for more details about our programs, or to see more workshop dates.

To RSVP please call 503.284.6827 x108 or send an email to [email protected] (If emailing, include your name, the workshop you’d like to attend, contact information and how you heard about us.) October as of today dates are listed below:

Date        Day   Time      Sector  Location                      Address

10/2/2008   Thurs 5:30-7:30p  NE    Woodlawn Elementary School    7200 NE 11th

10/6/2008   Mon   6-8 pm      SE    Harold Oliver Primary         15811 SE Main

10/7/2008   Tues  6-8 pm      OSE   East Portland Comm. Center    740 SE 106th

10/8/2008   Wed   6-8 pm      SE    Mt Scott Community Center     5530 SE 72nd Ave

10/9/2008   Thurs 6-8 pm      OSE   Clark Elementary              1231 SE 92nd

10/14/2008  Tues  6-8 pm      N     Boise Neighborhood Assoc.     3710 N Mississippi

10/15/2008  Wed   6-8 pm      NE    Roseway Heights SUN School    7334 NE Siskiyou

10/16/2008  Thurs 6-8 pm      N     St Johns Community Center     8427 N Central

10/21/2008  Tues  6-8 pm      NE    Faubion SUN School            3039 NE Portland Blvd

10/22/2008  Wed   6-8 pm      SE    Grout SUN School              3119 SE Holgate

10/23/2008  Thurs 6-8 pm      NE    Glenfair Elementary           15300 NE Glisan

10/27/2008  Mon   6-8 pm      SE    Arleta SUN School             5109 SE 66th

10/29/2008  Wed   6-8 pm      SE    Kelly Elementary              9030 SE Cooper

10/30/2008  Thurs 6-8 pm      NE    Matt Dishman Comm. Center     77 NE Knott

Those who do not qualify for free materials have the opportunity to purchase them and help fund our programs. For low-income seniors and people with disabilities, we have a program to provide free help with in-home weatherization. Many volunteer opportunities available to help. Call us or visit our website for more details!

Community Energy Project

422 NE Alberta St.

Portland, OR  97211