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The History of City Repair

Dear Community,

We, City Reparians old and new, are hosting a day of storytelling and inspirational chronology. If you:

- are City Repair - were City Repair - want to be City Repair - don't even know what City Repair is

The gathering will be held at City Repair Head Quarters (3125 E Burnside) on October the Fifth, from 10am-3pm. We will spend the day progressively tracing the history of City Repair, following a loosely linear timeline. We invite you to come witness, share and explore with us in a warm, fun space!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 503.235.8946 or [email protected]

we invite you to join us. On October Fifth, we will gather to collectively trace the history of this visionary community organization and to bear witness to the stories and experiences of participants in all eras and incarnations of what is, has been and will be City Repair.

Our aim in this gathering is threefold. Primarily, we intensely enjoy sharing, hearing and telling stories: stories which speak to our deepest desires to live as strong, creative and loving beings and stories which speak of our endless ability to actively embody our ideals and to manifest the world in which we want to live. We hope that by sharing the stories of City Repair throughout the ages, we can edify both old and new community members as to the (sometimes legendary!) past history and present story of City Repair, give some hardworking folks an opportunity to share their experiences, and, most of all, have fun together.

In Community, The City Repair Project