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Join OHSU, March of Dimes, and The Barker Foundation for the Second Annual Nutrition in the Womb Course

“The diets of mothers today are determining the health of future generations.”

Nutrition in the Womb is a course that will bring together current knowledge in the exciting new field of developmental origins of health and disease, integrating epidemiology with clinical and basic science. We will discuss the biological mechanisms, critical windows and trade-offs that occur during fetal development. Gender and ethnic specific aspects of development will also be described. We will emphasize the importance of the diets of girls and young women, and examine the current barriers to good food choices. The long-term effects of infant feeding and child growth will be reviewed. Round table discussions with invited experts and course participants will begin to explore the strategies by which the epidemic of chronic disease in the US can be brought to an end.

Please take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn how improving the diets of girls and young women will reduce the burden of chronic disease in the next generation.

Nutrition in the Womb Course to be held Oct. 30-31, 2008 at the Residence Inn, by Marriott, David Evans Conference Center, 2115 SW River Parkway, Portland, OR 97201.

Please forward to your contacts who may be interested in attending.

The course schedule, registration form and other details can be found at www.nutritioninthewomb.org.

Invited speakers from OHSU include Liz Adams, Maternal and Child Nutritionist; Susan Bagby, Nephrologist; David Barker, Physician and Epidemiologist; Dan Marks, Pediatrician; Robert Mckelvey, Psychiatrist; Sally Segel, Obstetrician; and Kent Thornburg, Physiologist and Director of the Heart Research Center.

Invited speakers will include Sarah Hampson, Psychologist, Oregon Institute; Mel Kohn, State Epidemiologist, Public Health Division, Oregon Department of Human Services; Dan Lackland, Public Health Physician, Medical University of South Carolina; Michelle Lampl, Anthropologist, Emory University, Atlanta; and Barrie Margetts, Professor of Public Health Nutrition, University of Southampton, UK.

If you have any questions about this conference, please call Justin Reeves Burke at 503.473.4794 or visit www.Barker.org