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NAYA Family Center seeks Volunteer Tax Preparers!

NAYA Family Center will help you get trained and certified by the IRS so YOU can help the community!

During the 2010 tax season NAYA Family Center is hosting a Free Tax Assistance Site. Volunteer tax preparers are needed to help the Native American community get the most out of their Federal and State Tax Returns, including Earned Income Tax Credits!

Last tax season, our site filed 313 tax returns, with $310,000 in refunds, and $111,800 of Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). For some Oregon families, the EITC is their biggest income boost of the year and NAYA Family Center promotes economic stability and financial wellness support at our tax prep site. You can help make a real difference in the lives of many Native families in the Portland metropolitan area! We partner with a non profit called CASH Oregon for tax preparer volunteer recruitment, so you will be part of an entire volunteer network that definitely appreciates your commitment.

The EITC is one of the most effective anti-poverty programs in the US, but millions in EITC and other valuable tax credits go unclaimed every year because low income individuals are not legally required to file their taxes, most choose not to file at all. However, to receive EITC or other tax credits a person must file their taxes and our community needs to start collecting these dollars.

What are the Benefits?

• Gain experience as a certified tax preparer • Learn how to Prepare and File taxes-Train with a group or online • Meet new friends and network for your career • Help low-income families and stimulate our local economy • Receive Continuing Education Credits • Practice your Spanish speaking skills for bilingual speakers (note: not required to speak Spanish)

How do you get Trained?

In class training for those interested in the 40-hour training or independent study using Link and Learn for online instruction. The class is offered on multiple days, at several locations throughout Portland. NAYA Family Center will be providing an in class training opportunity for those interested. There is also a training for the tax preparation software ‘TaxWise,’ which covers Oregon tax law and administrative policies. Both training opportunities require self discipline and an extensive time commitment, but you ultimately impact the Portland community in a huge financial way. After your training you will be IRS certified. This skill set offers lifetime of reward.

What is the time Commitment?

Volunteers attend an orientation to understand the time commitment and cultural understanding this opportunity requires. All volunteers must be IRS certified before our site opens.

We ask that our volunteers are available at least 4 hours per week from Feb.1st -April 15th 2010.