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free supplies for the creative minded

Hi, folks. Cycle Oregon has a few (thousand) random items to share! We are a non-profit here in Portland whose primary task is to coordinate an annual ride in a different part of Oregon as a means to stimulate economies of rural Oregon towns. That's a little background.

My job here is to sort through supplies and utilize what we have and offer what we don't need to others. So, we have a lot of tent supplies that we don't actually use for the 1000+ tents we put up each year. I found a GREAT use for the actual tent bags, but I can't figure out how we might use the rest. Here's what I have:

1000+ pole bags (blue, approximately 27 inches feet long, 3 inches in diameter with a tie close)

1000+ rope tie-down bags (blue, approximately 12 inches feet long, 2 inches in diameter with a tie close)

1000+ mesh rectangles (black, approximately 24 inches by 18 inches with a tie on each corner)

4000+ 6-foot white rope pieces

2000+ 3-foot white rope pieces

Some ideas: The rope and the rope bags are perfect for knot-tying practice or lashing needs so that each participant could have his/her own rope "kit."

The mesh squares can be filters, netting or open "cargo" holds (looking like a small hammock or sling) that can be tied to trees or other things (inside tents!).

Either bag can be used as a small supply bag, toiletry bag, school supply bag or the like.

Please feel free to email me if you have uses for any of the items. It would be most helpful if you could request for more than 100 (maybe combine with another person/agency)because it would be difficult for me to distribute small quantities to dozens of people/groups. I can easily email you pictures if you need a better idea of what they look like.

My email is: [email protected].

Thanks, everyone!

Ammi Ludwick