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What essential need does your organization meet in the community?

To my fellow nonprofit leaders,

What essential need does your organization fill in the community? When Lindsay and Nita Hill asked me that question at a workshop over the summer, I was quick to answer. “Hands On inspires people to volunteer,” I replied. Lindsay raised an eyebrow. Hmm, I thought. Perhaps I should explore this. With Lindsay and Nita’s help, I came to realize that Hands On’s essential function is to build a bridge between people who want to volunteer and organizations that need their help. It may sound like a nuance, but this has been nothing less than a breakthrough distinction for Hands On. Our staff and board have galvanized around this proclamation of our role in the community.

I share this story as a way to introduce Lindsay and Nita Hill, organizational development and leadership coaches, with whom I have worked for the past three years. Lindsay and Nita are holding an introductory seminar here at Hands On in mid-February. There is no charge. At this session, Lindsay and Nita will introduce nonprofit CEOs, EDs and Board members to a framework for better understanding themselves, their leadership styles and the essential needs that their organizations fill in the community. Believe me, this is no new-age mumbo jumbo. Lindsay spent several years running a brokerage firm. He understands the realities of running a business. Nita has spent years developing tools that help business leaders gain deeper understanding of themselves and the people they work with.

So, what’s the catch? Lindsay and Nita, working with Hands On, would like to run a 5-part workshop series for nonprofit executives this spring. Each session will last 90 minutes. The cost will be $200. The workshop series will allow nonprofit leaders to really get into this material, gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their organizations, and emerge refreshed and recommitted to their work of leading the organizations at the heart of our community.

There is no obligation to take part in the 5-part series if you attend the introductory session. I want to make that clear. If you are interested, and your schedule allows, simply join us next month. (We’ll set a time and date when we hear back from people) If you would like some more information, or to take part, just email me at [email protected] or give me a call at (503) 200-3374.

Thanks for considering, and best wishes in your continued great work,

Andy Nelson Executive Director Hands On Greater Portland address P.O. Box 4889 Portland, Oregon 97208-4889 phone (503) 200-3374 direct [email protected] www.handsonportland.org