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Revised November 2005

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Welcome to the Community Nonprofit Resource Group (CNRG) community! CNRG is a network dedicated to providing career development and support for young professionals working in the public sector of the Portland-metropolitan community.

CNRG Classifieds is a free, volunteer-managed and moderated mailing list. There are no paid staff hiding behind the scenes but there is a committee of volunteers who review messages to maintain a flow of high quality, relevant community information consistent with our Netiquette.

CNRG Classifieds was created to handle all of the other necessary but not professional-development related information that supports living on a nonprofit salary! Content on CNRG's Classifieds includes:

CNRG's Classifieds is not intended for use by for-profit entities wishing to sell to our membership and such posts will not be permitted. Please use your discretion when posting to CNRG's Classifieds.

CNRG's Classifieds is a digest-only list that is distributed once a day. Like CNRG, the list is moderated.

Classifieds Community Posting Guidelines

CNRG Classifieds asks that you respect the following community guidelines designed to promote healthy and respectful dialog:

Know your audience

CNRG users include individuals, organizations and businesses that you have interacted with or will interact with in your daily life.

Whatchya talkin' about?

Please be efficient in the title of your message. Summarize the content to attract attention and save member's time. Users often scan messages based on the subject line. Make yours count.

Limit your length. Please keep your paragraphs short so your messages are easier to read and therefore more likely to be read. Postings that exceed one page may not be posted. Long lists of email addresses or sample letters will not be permitted. If your message is longer than the one-page guideline, please include your email address and ask members to email you off-list for more information.

Play Nice

When sending a response to the list, as a courtesy to other members and to email servers everywhere, please delete the text from the message you're responding to. You can rely on the "subject" line to inform everyone as to the thread of conversation you're following.

When responding to a thread of conversation, please stay on topic and make your point as briefly as possible. Keep in mind that long and rambling contributions can disrupt the flow of the discussion.

If you posted a question to the list and receive a lot of good responses, please consider compiling your responses into one list and sending it back to the list so that all can benefit from the information gathered.


Don't over-post one opportunity. One email will do. The moderators retain the right to block messages that are over-posted. No chain letters or petitions. No Calls-to-Action or lobbying ? this is any request asking members to contact a politician or person of influence No political opinion pieces No offensive posts. The moderators of CNRG do not censor posts and expect members of the list to self-police and peer-police for offensive messages. As this is an open and diverse community, please be sensitive to the beliefs of others.


Attachments are not allowed on the list. If you have more information that you would have included in an attachment, please add it to the text of your message or direct people to a website or individual from whom they can get additional information.

Do You Kiss Your Mom With That Mouth?

CNRG is a community of professionals. Please be mindful of your language and expressions when participating in the list. Rude behavior is not acceptable or sanctioned and may be penalized by removal from the listserv.

Loud Mouth

AVOID USING ALL CAPS IN YOUR EMAIL. It looks like you're screaming...very unprofessional.

Full Disclosure

Don't forget to include a signature in your post. This allows other members to know who you are and how to contact your regarding your post. Postings from organizations about events, trainings, and involvement opportunities must include contact information for the organization and event organizer. Savvy posters often use the footer of their emails to educate the community about their nonprofit's mission and include links to their organization's website.


CNRG must abide by fair housing law when moderating posts for distribution. This law prohibits any advertisement that indicates a preference, a limitation, or discriminates based on a protected class. Protected classes include: race, color, national origin, religion, sex, family status, disability, marital status, source of income, age, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Both direct and indirect forms of discrimination are not allowed. Examples: Direct-"no children", "no men", etc.; Indirect- "we are open to any race, sexual orientation, gender". ?it is better to not list any classes than to list some; if only some are listed, Fair Housing Law is interpreted to mean that your post is excluding those classes that are not listed.

Some tips: For more information please contact:

Fair Housing Council of Oregon.
1020 SW Taylor St. Suite 700
Portland, OR 97205
(503) 223-8197
(503) 223-3396 fax
[email protected]

Contact CNRG

If you have any questions, send them to: [email protected] and someone from CNRG will get back to you. For more information about CNRG and CNRG activities, please visit our website at