CNRG Netiquette - The Posting Guidelines

Welcome to the Community Nonprofit Resource Group. CNRG is a resource which connects people, communities and organizations, and empowers individuals to act as agents of change in collaboration with others.

CNRG's goal is to cultivate a vibrant nonprofit community through:

  • Involvement opportunities, resources, and collective knowledge.
  • Mentoring, training, and career planning services.
  • The creation of opportunities for coalition building.
  • Recognition of emerging nonprofit leaders.
  • The involvement of CNRG members in the continuing development of a nonprofit community that allows us to live and work together in a healthy, sustainable, civil society.
  • We include grassroots and neighborhood organizations in the broader nonprofit community.

The CNRG Digest content is organized by the following headings:

  • community trainings
  • nonprofit Q & A
  • events
  • volunteer opportunities
  • jobs & internships
  • news for nonprofits (including donations to organizations)

CNRG users can access the CNRG Digest in a variety of formats: simple text, full color html, or online (no email required). Simple text messages are just that- a simple text listing of that day's messages. The Digest offers a colorful, easy to navigate publication with categorized content and links to CNRG's website. Online access allows users to view the Digests, and one week's archives, online at, and no emails are sent out.

CNRG is a moderated list and will adhere strictly to the our posting guidelines. More information on netiquette rules that apply to CNRG Digest appear below.

Community Posting Guidelines

CNRG asks that you respect the following community guidelines designed to promote healthy and respectful dialog.

List Moderation

The CNRG list is moderated by a team of dedicated volunteers.  Moderators are responsible for reviewing each message before it's posted to the list and ensure that messages meet the Posting Guidelines before they are sent to the list.  Moderators will communicate with posters if their message needs additional information or if it doesn't meet the posting guidelines. Messages are reviewed and posted each weekday, however we recommend that users post their message at least 1 week before an event is scheduled to ensure it reaches readers in time. 

One among thousands

As a subscriber to the CNRG list, you have the opportunity to communicate directly with over 8,000 other CNRG users in the Portland area and beyond.

Know your audience

CNRG users include individuals, organizations and businesses that you have interacted with or will interact with in your daily life.

Become a CNRG Sponsor

Over 10,000 individuals in the Portland area subscribe to the CNRG digest.  Increase awareness of your services and attract new clients by becoming a sponsor of CNRG! To learn how, send an e-mail to [email protected].

Whatchya talkin' about?

Please be efficient in the title of your message. Summarize the content to attract attention and save people's time.

Limit your length

Please keep your paragraphs short so your messages are easier to read and therefore more likely to be read. Postings (except for job descriptions) that exceed one page may not be posted. Long lists of email addresses or sample letters will not be permitted. If your message is longer than the one-page guideline, please include your email address and ask members to email you off-list for more information.

Full Disclosure

Posts from organizations about events, trainings, and involvement opportunities must include contact information for the organization and event organizer. Savvy posters often educate the community about their nonprofit's mission and include links to their organization's website.

CNRG-ize, don't commercialize

CNRG only allows postings that promote a for-profit business whose purpose is to further the professional development of the CNRG community.

Non-profit consultants are allowed to post one message announcing their services to the CNRG community. No more than one post per month of this nature will be allowed. 

Contact information for participating nonprofit organizations and consultants serving the nonprofit community will also be available on the upcoming CNRG website.

No Solicitors!

CNRG is not the place for direct fundraising for your organization. Please inform people of your event, but do not offer tickets or other items for sale within the content of your message.


Don't over-post one opportunity. One email will do. The moderators retain the right to block messages that are over-posted. No chain letters or petitions. No Calls-to-Action or lobbying - this is any request asking to contact a politician or person of influence No political opinion pieces No heart-jerking stories or requests for support for individuals. No offensive posts. The moderators of CNRG do not censor posts and expect members of the list to self-police and peer-police for offensive messages. As this is an open and diverse community, please be sensitive to the beliefs of others.


Attachments are not allowed on the list. If you have more information that you would have included in an attachment, please add it to the text of your message or direct people to a website or individual from whom they can get additional information.

Ready to post an item?

CNRG only accepts posts from site members. To create a new account, all you need is a valid email. You may modify your account at any time to reflect changes.

Once you have an account, you may create a digest post online or send an email (from the email address we have in your account) to [email protected].

If you have any questions, send them to: [email protected].