CNRG Volunteer Opportunities

We are what the community makes us. Contribute your time and talents to our growing organization. There are volunteer opportunities at all levels depending on your availability and skill set. From seasoned professionals to those just starting out, we have volunteer opportunities for you that impact the nonprofit community.

Contact our volunteer coordinator at [email protected]

Each of the following roles interact to make CNRG work:

CNRG Board: policy development, strategic planning, and evaluation

Technology Committee: website, content development, and technical aspects of CNRG.

Marketing Outreach Committee: development and implementation of a marketing strategy including public relations, copywriting, and other marketing related initiatives.  Coordinate CNRG events such as Networking Night and Trainings.

Fundraising Committee: grant writing and research, fundraising plan, and sponsorship.

Moderators Group: moderating website and listserv content.

If you are interested in any of these volutneer opportunities, please fill out the CNRG Volunteer Application.