Learn Who We Are

The Community Nonprofit Resource Group (CNRG) connects people to and within the nonprofit community. With more than 10,000 subscribers to the online community, CNRG has become the place to exchange ideas, learn about opportunities, and plug into the nonprofit community.

Mission, Vision, and History

CNRG is a resource network. We connect people, communities and organizations to help individuals gain skills to act as agents of change in collaboration with others.

CNRG Board and Staff

CNRG is largely a volunteer organization. We log an average of 200 volunteer hours per month from board and committee members.


Volunteer Opportunities

We are what the community makes us. Contribute your time and talents to our growing organization. There are volunteer opportunities at all levels depending on your availability and skill set. From seasoned professionals to those just starting out, we have volunteer opportunities where you can truly impact the nonprofit community.