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Another chance to tell Multnomah Co. Commissioners how to spend your tax $ on? 5 minute survey

Budget survey is open again! 1,087 were submitted by MultCo's fine residents in 1st go around (leaving 746,913 residents yet to do it!). The results of most ?'s have already been shared w/ the Multnomah Co. Chair prior to her budget release. Another few weeks remain before presenting the report to the whole Board which means your input can increase the survey's accuracy of reflecting community opinion.

CONTENT: 5 ?'s only take 5 minutes. The most important ? asks how you would spend an extra $5 million in this year's budget after 11 years of budgets cuts.

LANGUAGES: English and Spanish

DEADLINE: Sunday, 4/20

YOU GET: chance to say how to use your tax $ wisely (& satisfaction U engaged with your community)