Database Specialist

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organization:City of Gresham - Natural Resources Program
position summary:

In Partnership with the Confluence Environmental Center, the Database Specialist will serve on a team with 3 other Confluence AmeriCorps members at the City of Gresham. The Database Specialist will spend 50% of their time managing our natural resource data and databases. They will support the service of the other 3 AmeriCorps members on their team and their sponsor by: 1) serving with the Wildlife Specialist to design and build an Access or Sequel database to house all of the data from our Habitat Structure survey program (what species are using them and what repairs are needed for each of our ~150 bird boxes, flying squirrel houses, snake coverboards, etc. installed at our restoration sites), 2) Serve with the Invasive Species Specialist to keep our weed location and treatment information current in our ArcGIS shapefiles and on the iMAP Invasives website and design compelling maps showcasing this data as needed, 3) Serve with the restoration specialist to use GIS software to map and prioritize restoration sites across the City, 4) Serve with Laura Guderyahn (sponsor) to update amphibian and avian databases and possibly convert them from Access to Sequel. In addition to completing their own projects, they will also assist their other fellow three AmeriCorps members to implement their projects (30%), including participating in a variety of initiatives related to the eradication of high priority invasive species across Gresham as well as the education and engagement of local business, school and community groups in these efforts. They will help implement a variety of field projects including: planting native trees, shrubs, and forbs in public and private riparian and wetland areas; improving the biofiltration, biodiversity, and habitat functions of water quality ponds and swales; and conducting high priority wildlife and weed surveys in City natural areas. The remainder of the placement will focus on related natural area education, improvement, and research activities.

Salary / Pay Rate:$12,100/11mo; $5,550 education award; medical insurance; child care allowance; networking and professional development
Apply by:July 29, 2012
Required Skills and Abilities:• Must have a valid driver's license, clean driving record and ability to provide documentation. • The ability to serve proactively, somewhat independently, and in an organized manner. • Ability to communicate and interact in a positive, professional manner with various populations such as: project partner (s), colleagues, community volunteers, students, and the general public. • Excellent knowledge of Microsoft Access and Sequel software and how to use them to create databases capable of housing field data. • Experience with using ArcGIS software to analyze data and create compelling maps. • Careful attention to detail is necessary for creating databases that are reliable and user friendly. • A minimum of basic Pacific Northwest native plant ID skills necessary, though training is available to further refine plant ID skills • Knowledge of Pacific Northwest ecosystems and species typically found in Pacific Northwest urban environments. • The Database Specialist will be conducting a significant amount of restoration and habitat analysis/improvement on public and private properties. Tolerance for extended time in the field on uneven terrain and in inclement weather conditions. • A cooperative manner and the ability to serve as part of a diverse team. • 18 years of age or older, at beginning of service term. • U.S. citizen, national or lawful permanent resident. • Possession of a high school diploma or equivalent, or commit to earning one prior to receiving award. • Ability to commit to the full term of service for which they are applying. • Must successfully pass a fingerprint criminal history background check provided through Confluence. • Regular and reliable attendance and dependability. • AmeriCorps members can enroll in multiple terms of service that add up to the value of two full-time education awards. In other words, you can blend summer, part-time and full-time service positions and receive awards as long as the combined service terms don’t exceed two full terms. You can also serve additional terms and elect not to receive an award. Please see for full information.
Qualifications:• Degree in natural resources, biology, or computer sciences. • Education and experience in database development and ArcGIS. • Skills and/or a strong interest in restoration and enhancement of habitat for Pacific NW birds, small mammals, reptiles, etc.
Education Required:High School or equiv.
Other:Equal Opportunity Employer