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Free Lecture, Jan 27 - PSU Professor Will Discuss Problems with Faith-Based Beliefs

The Freethinkers of Portland State University is proud to present Dr. Peter Boghossian and his upcoming lecture, “Jesus, the Easter Bunny, and Other Delusions: Just Say No!” The lecture, with extensive Q&A, will be held Friday, January 27 at 7 p.m. at Portland State University’s Hoffman Hall. This talk is free and open to the public.

Boghossian will argue that faith is not a reliable process to guide one to the truth. He will explore problems with faith-based processes of reasoning, and also discuss practical strategies for engaging people of faith.

Dr. Boghossian is a faculty member in the Portland State University Department of Philosophy and an affiliate research assistant professor at Oregon Health Sciences University. His primary research areas are critical thinking and moral reasoning. He has published extensively in academic and professional journals, including Journal of the Philosophy of Education, Educational Philosophy and Theory, Informal Logic and Teaching Philosophy.

About The Freethinkers of Portland State University
The Freethinkers of Portland State University is a student-run organization that serves students and the community with a supportive atmosphere and forum for open discussion among atheists, agnostics and individuals who are unsure about religion. It seeks to provide visibility and voice to non-religious students and faculty, promote critical thinking and science education, and foster understanding among community members with various belief systems. For more information, visit http://psuatheistagnostic.wordpress.com/