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Life Should Be Easy! Organize Your Home and Your Life by Personality Type

Presented by the Association for Psychological Type, Portland Chapter

Life Should Be Easy! ® Organize Your Home and Your Life by Personality Type

Saturday, March 10, 2012   

9am to 11:30 am

For Type Enthusiasts, Counselors, Trainers, and Professional Organizers

This fast-paced program explores what's easy and what's hard about organizing for different personality types. What's easy for one type is hard for another. Here's your opportunity to learn how to organize with your type, not against it. Whether it's your life, your home, your office - or that of a friend or client - this program introduces type-based techniques that work.

PAPT's Annie Battee will share the proven tips of Kelly and Katie McMenamin, organizing gurus of PixiesDidIt! in New York City. Annie attended a daylong workshop with Kelly and Katie at the APT International Conference in San Francisco summer 2011. The Pixies’ conference PowerPoint presentation serves as the basis for the program and will be provided to attendees.

Who will benefit from this program:

Anyone who wants to learn tips for how to organize in partnership with their natural type.

Trainers and consultants who work with clients on organizational skills

Professional organizers looking for a fresh perspective on their work.

Type enthusiasts seeking new applications for type theory.


Annie Battée, ENFJ, is the longtime Treasurer of the Portland Chapter of the Association for Psychological Type. She attended the Life Should Be Easy workshop at the 2011 APTi Conference in San Francisco. Annie has been MBTI Qualified since 1986 and has used the MBTI in her family, friend, work and community interactions for the last 25 years.

The Portland Chapter of the Association of Psychological Type is an organization dedicated to those interested in learning about personality type, the MBTI, for personal or professional applications. We learn about patterns of human behavior so we can understand ourselves and others better.

Contact Arlene Richter, [email protected] or 503-327-8556