Membership Manager


organization:Oregon Association of Naturopathic Physicians
position summary:

* Develop goals and action plans with Executive Director for membership development and retention, including corporate sponsorships.

* Coordinate and execute member renewal and acquisition process, including the production of 2-3 mailings/year (merging, printing and fulfillment), and managing auto-renewals.

* Identify, recruit, provide member services and track benefits provided to corporate sponsors (12 existing, with goal of growing to 25) to ensure that all sponsors receive benefits offered.

* Create partnership proposals for prospective corporate members in the supplement, nutrition, whole food/beverage and natural products industries.

* Maintain and continue developing website presence, including adding/updating web pages, creating online registration forms and surveys, creating online newsletters & upcoming events flyers.

* Coordinate production of bi-monthly newsletter, including some article writing, placement of advertisement, and collection of content.

* Initiate social marketing campaign – including twitter, facebook, google plus, and website blogs.

* Follow up with lapsed memberships.

* Maintain and update membership records in online database.

* Ensure sponsorships and donations are accurately recorded, acknowledged and tracked.

* Respond promptly to inquiries from prospective members, members, Directors, and others.

* Initiate regular communications with members via newsletter, emails, and social networks.

* Assist in creating and updating membership and marketing materials, including letters, flyers for upcoming events, welcome packets, fact sheets, directories, surveys, and others.

* Manage membership events, including reserving venues, tracking registrations, sending reminders, and maintaining attendance records.

* Assist the Director and Board members as necessary in planning and executing events and day-to-day operations of the office.

* Attend and staff a booth at up to 10 regional and national conferences and trade shows per year to cultivate relationships and association image.

Salary / Pay Rate:$12-14/hour
Apply by:October 16, 2011
Required Skills and Abilities:* A good knowledge of marketing and customer service, including setting up and managing tickler files * Adept at making a sales pitch, comfortable fundraising, and recruiting new corporate partners. * IT Literate – including website maintenance, word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, email, email marketing, blogs, etc. * Extremely well-organized and very high attention to detail. Database management is a regular part of the job and precision is essential! * Articulate and comfortable picking up the phone and calling people to track down information, following up on lapsed memberships, and respond to inquiries. * Must be able to understand the end goal and be able to create and execute the step by step tasks needed to accomplish the goal. Must be task oriented and self-starter. * Willing to learn and confident in proposing innovative ideas to management.
Qualifications:We are looking for a self-starting, motivated person who is extremely detail oriented, comfortable doing customer relations, and proficient with website maintenance and social networking. This position is responsible for development of both professional and corporate membership, associated administrative duties, and assistance with events and continuing education seminars as needed. This is a part-time job but flexible on hours and may be open to some of the work being done from home, making this a great job for part-time students or stay-at-home parents! We’re looking for someone to take ownership of growing our professional and corporate membership – this is NOT a “punch the clock” type of admin job!
Education Required:College degree