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Need affordable office space? Hatch Community Innovation Lab : New co-working space in Portland seeking partners to share office with Awaz Handcrafts

Awaz Handcrafts is excited to announce that beginning December 1st, one of Portland’s newest Fair Trade social enterprises, will be moving into a new office and retail space at the Hatch Community Innovation Lab on Sandy Blvd.   The building offers offices, meeting rooms, a retail shop and incubation program for scaling social enterprises in Portland. Sponsored by Springboard Innovations, Hatch is building a positive community by linking environmentally conscious and socially minded businesses and non-profits, sharing resources, and building stronger, more resilient places for communities to thrive.  
Since 2008, Awaz Handcrafts has been trading with small artisan groups in India, Nepal and Bolivia to create just livelihoods for workers, and improve the lives of women and families globally.  We are fully committed to the economic up-liftment of small producers, honoring the human connection in trade, and creating an economic model that values people and the environment over profits.   Socially minded and environmentally conscious to the core, Awaz Handcrafts has finally found the perfect home and community in which to grow with Hatch.  
Located at 2420 NE Sandy Blvd in Portland, Hatch is a newly renovated building with over 13,000 square feet of co-working space, offering private offices, cubicles, conference rooms, a café and retail shop for its members. With nearly 30,000 cars that drive down Sandy Blvd each day, the building is located in a central location in a thriving neighborhood with cafés, restaurant and other like-minded businesses. The building has been designed for professionals to grow their business or non-profit alongside a community that is dedicated to innovation and social change.   Awaz Handcrafts has secured a 1,000 square foot office space in this amazing building, and we are looking for other social enterprises, businesses and non-profits to share it with.  Low cost and affordable, this could be the perfect opportunity to take your business or organization to the next level.
What else does Hatch offer?  A lot!   Not only will you be surrounded by a community of innovators, if you become a member or share our office space, you will have access to:
  • Workspace on the main floor of the Hatch building which features abundant natural light, couches, library tables, phone booths, café seating and free WiFi
  • Meeting and conference rooms
  • Discounted rates on after hour events in the Hatch building, which can host nearly 200 people
  • Professional workshops and presentations on relevant information to grow your organization or business
  • Bike storage and showers for bike commuters
  • Retail space
Check out the building layout here.
Shared Retail Opportunity
Awaz Handcrafts is co-managing the Hatch retail space as well, and is looking for vendors who offer eco-friendly, socially-minded products to share this space with.   Window front facing Sandy Blvd, the retail space is a key feature of the Hatch building. We are inviting both local artists and ethical businesses that work locally and internationally to share this retail space with Awaz Handcrafts.  With low rent and high visibility, this space could be the perfect platform to share your products with an appreciative customer base and save money. 
If you’re interested in being a part of our community, want to share office space with Awaz Handcrafts, or collaborate on the Hatch retail space, let’s talk.
Email Sarah Mitts, Director of Awaz Handcrafts at [email protected] or call 503-995-5095 to get involved.