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Open House: Community Outreach of Our United Villages

When Community Outreach of Our United Villages first opened its doors in July, 2002, we had a vision, hopes and dreams.  Our vision, one we continue to aspire towards, is neighborhoods recognizing and building on the strengths, talents and resources of each individual to create a more vibrant community.  Our hopes and dreams, to bring people together to share ideas and build positive relationships, were so simply stated they were perceived by some as lofty.  Although our pathways for manifesting this dream have varied over the years, our commitment to community is as strong as ever. 

Please join us in celebrating community at our Open House:

4:00 – 7:00 PM

Enjoy warm refreshments, bump elbows with others in the community and start the New Year with a little positive inspiration.  Children are welcome.  For more information contact us at 503.546.7499 or by email.  Visit our website at www.ouvcommunityoutreach.org.