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Outreach Coordinator Position - Habitat ReStore

Come work with one of the fastest growing reuse organizations in the country; assisting our Portland Metro Area Director with developing and maintaining our new outreach program.  

Position: Outreach Coordinator


  • This is a part-time (30 hours per week) hourly position reporting directly to the ReStore Director.  This position will coordinate our outreach efforts, researching opportunities, managing our database and assisting the Director in all efforts to obtain more donations and pursue outreach opportunities for our stores.


  • Work with the Director to research outreach opportunities and develop effective plans for conducting outreach to our various communities and constituents.
  • Work with the ReStore’s managers to identify the needs and opportunities in regards to outreach within each county.
  • Research and catalogue networking meetings, events, and opportunities and help prioritize and coordinate the Director’s and Managers’ outreach efforts.
  • Coordinate events that we attend for outreach and donor solicitation, attending events as necessary and organizing volunteers where needed.
  • Organize and coordinate Volunteer Outreach Teams in each store that are doing direct donor solicitation.
  • Manage our Donor Management System database.
  • Develop a system for internal communications regarding outreach needs and opportunities.
  • Develop a reporting system to provide managers and the director with updated information, periodically and on demand.
  • Train staff and volunteers as necessary on the proper use of the database.
  • Develop and maintain a thank you program for donors.

Customer service

  • Treat donors and customers with respect at all times.
  • Be willing and able to communicate Habitat’s mission with volunteers, customers and donors.

Volunteer Guidance:

  • Guide and assist volunteers in their work, understanding that each is an individual with different capabilities.
  • Keep volunteers actively engaged in meaningful work while also finding work appropriate for each individual.
  • Ensure that each volunteer feels appreciated and their efforts valued during their time at the ReStore.
  • Lead volunteers by example in all aspects of your work.
  • Treat each volunteer equally, with patience and respect, without regard to background, appearance, abilities, sex, creed etc.


  • Know and understand the ultimate goals of the Restore, and work with all staff to meet those goals.
  • Work with the Director and Managers to address the needs of the organization and to provide both support and leadership in the area of outreach.
  • Work with the Marketing Manager to assess the marketing needs of our outreach efforts and to coordinate our outreach messages and marketing strategy.
  • Work together with the other staff to run the organization in a manner that is safe, courteous, and profitable.


  • To be courteous and professional.
  • To communicate effectively with people of diverse backgrounds.
  • To learn about Habitat for Humanity and the ReStore, and be able to communicate our mission and purpose to volunteers and customers.
  • To be able to work in a team environment.
  • To be willing to work within the guidelines of Habitat for Humanity.
  • To help create an atmosphere within the Restore that encourages and fosters an open sharing of ideas, concerns, and hopes.

Required Skills and Experience

  • Outgoing person who loves people, networking, and talking about Habitat for Humanity.
  • Experience and proficiency with database management.
  • Experience and understanding of the value of working with volunteers.
  • Experience with research and analysis, with the ability to compile information and create meaningful reports in context of the ReStore’s needs.
  • Team player with initiative and motivation.

Hourly pay rate, sick and vacation benefits, no health insurance.  Rate based on experience.

Please submit a resume and cover letter to Joe Connell at [email protected] by Monday, November 28, 2011. Cover letter should include your understanding of Habitat’s mission, how the ReStore supports that mission, and how your skills and experience would benefit our program.