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Social Work Activist Reader: Spring Call for Contributions (Please forward widely)

The Social Work Activist Reader is now accepting contributions for our spring zine. Articles are sought in diverse areas of social work and humyn service practice that strengthen our vision and skill with social work activism and justice-centered, anti-oppressive practice. Art, poetry and dreams also welcome. The Social Work Activist Reader is a welcoming, holistic, consciousness-raising, anti-oppressive, resiliency-celebrating and liberatory-inspiring community forum for exploring our vision of humyn service work through the lens of justice. All are welcome to participate, please simply have commitment to justice, equality and anti-oppression, a willingness to be a critical thinker (and encourage critical thinking!), a commitment to growing in your work and developing your skills, and have the intention of sharing something that will support our growth as a community of justice weavers.    For submission guidelines please visit: http://socialworkactivistreader.blogspot.com/2012/12/call-for-contributions.html   Articles are published in the electronic e-zine as well as on the Social Work Activist Reader blog. Submissions for the spring zine will be accepted through February 22nd, 2013 via email to [email protected]. Emails requesting to added to the SWAR distribution list, or otherwise connect, are also welcome.