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WordPress Guru Available for Consultation / Development

Want to take control of your website? Tired of paying out the nose any time you need your web development firm to update a photo? I can help demystify WordPress (and other platforms) and put you in the drivers seat.

I work on websites exclusively for non-profit and education groups, and subscribe to the "teach a person to fish" philosophy of web development. (Or, if you really don't care how to do it, then I'll happily feed you all the digital fish you need...) Whether it be end-user training, simple installation and hosting**, or more complex programming needs, I am the friend you call when you can't figure out how to make it all work.

I specialize in WordPress-based systems, and have used this robust platform to create everything from course registration and management systems, to photo-blogs, to robust social networks, to Q&A forums. I develop plugins, create custom templates, and implement best-practice solutions that can make WordPress into a rich, interactive content management system.

Whether you need a site, or already have a site you want to learn how to use -- I am available for contract work, on-site training, remote assistance, or custom development.

I am not some big company with "priority queues," I'm just a guy who happens to know a lot about WordPress, databases, and code -- and, I prefer to use my powers for good, never evil.

Contact me (Loren Bell) via email at [email protected]

**Most non-profits qualify for FREE and carbon neutral hosting through my preferred provider.