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Digest for July 6, 2010

Special Notice

CNRG needs some folks to volunteer!

Hello CNRG Community! 

CNRG is again recruiting new board and committee members to help us take our organization to the next level.  We specifically need a few folks to help moderate the daily digest, so please fill out our online volunteer application.

We are also looking for people with a variety of experience including, leadership, legal expertise, outreach, project management, IT (drupal),  event planning, marketing, and fundraising (grants and membership).  Most importantly we need people who have energy and want to make an impact in the community.  If you are interested please fill out our online volunteer application and please feel free to share this opportunity with others you think may be interested.

As most of you know, CNRG has made great strides in recent years.  We are about to launch the latest version of our website which will include a calendar, with additional features being added as possible.  We are looking forward to bringing on new sponsors and rolling out a membership campaign.  We strive to connect community, grassroots and nonprofit groups to create a stronger, more collaborative Portland.  We continue to offer our free quarterly trainings, as well as the monthly CNRG networking night.  We continue to accomplish all of this as an all volunteer run organization. 

One of the best aspects of serving on a CNRG committee or on the board is that each person has the opportunity to have a significant impact.  If you have commitment and energy to help us achieve our goals, we want to support you!   As a CNRG volunteer you the have opportunity to connect with many different people, build skills in many areas of nonprofit management and community organizing and see the tremendous development of a unique organization.  If you feel ready to make a valuable contribution to strengthening our community we would love for you to fill out our online volunteer application.

We look forward to talking with you!


The CNRG Board


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CNRG needs some folks to volunteer!


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