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GivSmart LLC

Please visit our website to learn more about fundraising with us

Services Offered: Development & Fundraising

Region(s) Covered: Oregon & SW Washington

Contact Information

website link:givsmart.com
address:14525 SW Millikan Way #25410
Beaverton, OR  97005
principal contact:Christi Jones
email:[email protected]


Reusable Clothing Collection

Are you looking for an easy, profitable fundraiser for your organization? One with no investment and no selling but with the potential for big returns? Look no further!

We will purchase resalable clothing, shoes, and other apparel as well as household items from your organization in nearly any quantity you can provide. It’s a simple, ecologically smart program that provides income to your organization and an opportunity for your supporters to contribute without spending a dime.

 Easy! No Selling involved.  Risk Free! No investment needed  Profitable! We pay you for reusable clothing and household items  Any size group can benefit! We have a program that will suit YOUR organization  “Green”! Reusable items stay out of our landfills  Flexible! You choose how and when you want to collect the goods  No left over items! (See our list of qualifying donations)

How does it work? You determine how you want to collect reusable items – there are many options, from ongoing collection to an event held once or more per year. Or you can choose to add it to one of your existing events or fundraisers – book sale, carnival, luncheon, whatever method works best for your organization. We have programs to suit almost any size group. You get the word out to your supporters with materials we provide or you can develop your own. Once your items are collected we pick them up, weigh them, and in 7 to 21 days you receive a check! As simple as that, with no selling, no volunteer burn out, just cash in your group’s bank account.

Contact us today and start raising money!

We pay 18 cents per pound for reusable clothing and apparel, and 6 cents per pound for reusable household goods. Every individual and family end up with reusable clothing and household items they no longer need, which they may currently donate to a large organization, with little opportunity to see an immediate benefit. Now those same people can donate those items to YOUR group knowing they are supporting you directly.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today!