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Client and Service Management Software for Human Service Organizations - TACS Online Learning

Presenter: Shawn Michael, NPower Oregon Director, TACS

Dates: June 3, June 10, June 17, June 24, and July 1, 2009

Times on all days: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Sponsored by: ServicePoint

Online Training Series Description

Learn how to:

  • Identify the information your nonprofit needs to track and analyze
  • Evaluate client and service management software choices
  • Handle set-up, training, and data conversion issues

Does your nonprofit need to invest in new software to track your client work? Are you struggling with multiple databases, filled with duplicative and/or conflicting records?

TACS' new online training series, Client and Service Management Software for Human Service Organizations, may be exactly the help you need to evaluate your choices. Shawn Michael, TACS’ NPower Oregon Director, has been helping nonprofit managers make difficult decisions about database software for over 15 years. Join Shawn for a step-by-step approach to assessing your nonprofit’s current and emerging needs for gathering, reporting and analyzing information about your clients and services.

This training series also provides the opportunity to examine a few client and service management products with both Shawn’s guidance and a commitment from vendors to avoid heavy-handed sales tactics. You’ll be able to see how the products actually work without having to endure boring (and misleading) sales presentations.

We will examine:

  • Service Point by Bowman
  • Client Track by DSI
  • Social Solutions by ETO

The series is designed to facilitate communication between executive directors, program directors, fiscal managers, and the IT support staff who will maintain the software your nonprofit purchases. Learn how your team can work together to define your organization’s most important data management needs, and avoid the most common errors of overbuying new products and underestimating the cost of training and implementation.

Technical Requirements

  • Telephone connection
  • High speed internet connection
  • Email account
  • Relatively current browser-Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 through 7, or Netscape 7.1 through 7.2 is recommended.
  • Download LiveMeeting or have the latest JVM installed to use the Web Based Meeting Console

Additional equipment needed for Team Participation

  • Speaker phone
  • PowerPoint projector
  • Screen

* You are responsible for ensuring that you can meet these requirements before registering.

Regular Admission: $150.00

NAO Member Admission: $135.00 - Learn more about the Nonprofit Association of Oregon (NAO).


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