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Lanyi Fan Nonprofit, INGO

Cross-cultural, sustainability, and arts education between Guinea, West Africa and the U.S.

Region(s) Covered: Oregon & SW Washington

Contact Information

website link:www.lanyifan.org
address:P.O. Box 11724
Portland, OR  97211
principal contact:Deidre Schuetz
email:[email protected]
[email protected]


1) Cultivating healthy artists, strong communities, and ecosystems; 2) innovating vibrant cultural education programs between the U.S. and Guinea; 3) nurturing lasting, heart-connected relationships through dance, music, and language.


Projects in Guinea, West Africa: dance and music immersion workshops, tree planting, microcredit, appropriate solar energy, penpal letter exchange, scholarship fund, medical emergency fund

Projects in the U.S.: Guinean dance and music classes, workshops, presentations, and penpal letter exchange