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Village Building Convergence Volunteers Needed!

Hi Everyone!

City Repair's Ninth Village Building Convergence is coming up on June 5th to the 14th! It is a huge event in which volunteers from all over the states and the rest of the world come together to create beautiful community spaces throughout the Portland area. This work includes intersection paintings and beautification, building communal cob structures, community gardens, communal saunas and depaving. At night we all come together to listen to eat local and organic food, listen to speakers like Starhawk and Toby Hemmingway, and then dance to funky groovy music like Jujuba and Alpaca! To find out more about the convergence, go to http://cityrepair.org/events/vbc/ !

This year we need lots of volunteers in the following areas: Nourishment/Kitchen; Ticketing/Door; Village Market/Vendors; Placemaking/Space beautification; Documentation/Archiving; Driving and operating the T-horse; There is a lot more!

If you have skills: operating a stick shift truck; making chai tea; creating webpages and working with Wordpress; working and celebrating at the same time; technical or sound recording; helping others; cooking, cutting, dishwashing; cleaning up; building out; loving and helping others; bein' positive and havin' a good time...

Then stop on by 3125 E Burnside on tuesdays at 6:00 OR come to 1847 SE Clinton Street from June 5-14 at 4:30 OR email us at [email protected]

Come help us out and build up the community and life that is all around us! Learn skills and make friends that you will use and love for all time! We dabble in work trade! You can trade a four hour shift for a night of admission! Keep on truckin in the sun!