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Ecotrust Events Announces Community Grant

Ecotrust Event Spaces Community Grant

Here at Ecotrust Event Spaces, we are grateful to find ourselves as busy as ever as we enter into our eighth year of business at the Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center. We are thankful to all of the non-profit groups who have partnered with us over the years and whose loyalty has helped us build a vibrant event center.

We understand that not every organization is in a position to afford meeting space. In an effort to make our event venues accessible to non-profits of all sizes and financial means, we have created a Community Grant Program, for which we are currently accepting proposals.

The strongest proposals will be for events which are:

* Mission driven and invest in the community in a positive way.

* Are held at the Natural Capital Center and are a good logistical fit

* Planned by or directly benefit a local non-profit organization.

Additional preference will be given to:

* Events that are open to the public and are free or of nominal charge.

* Events that are unabashedly hopeful in nature.

* Events that have a solid marketing or community outreach plan.

 View the complete Request for Proposals and application guidelines here www.ecotrust.org/events/community_grant09