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City Repair Needs Your Help: Village Building Convergence

Hi everyone--

This is all connected to our preparations for City Repair's Village Building Convergence, June 5-14th! If you contact the lady at the bottom, Anna, she will let you know what you can do! Thanks so much! We need your help in many ways, if you cannot help us this weekend, go to cityrepair.org and check out other opportunities there are!

We are hoping to get some volunteers out to the Madison site this weekend to help peel poles for our rafters. If anyone has access to a draw knife or other tools that we could use for peeling that would help too! There are 9 poles each 16 ft. long for us to peel. Please let me know if you would be able to make it (or could send volunteers our way!)

Our builder, Casey, will be working on getting the posts up as well this weekend, so if there are any experienced builders out there who want to volunteer he could really use you. I will have more details on times when we will be out there ASAP, but please give me a call or send an email if interested--we could use all the help we can get!


Anna cell: 541 513 9292