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Volunteer Coordinator at the YWCA's SafeHaven Shelter for Families.

Volunteering 10-15 hours per week in North Portland can change the life of a child and their family. Develop, strengthen, and maintain your marketable skills by working with SafeHaven’s shelter manager to coordinate volunteers. Contribute to the smooth running of The YWCA’s SafeHaven Shelter for Families by recruiting, organizing, and supporting volunteers as they help run the shelter. Training provided. Must have strong communication and organization skills as well as basic computer literacy, including Internet and email. For more information about this volunteer position, email [email protected]. To learn more about The YWCA of Greater Portland, visit our web site at www.ywca-pdx.org or to learn more about the herstory of the YWCA and SafeHaven, visit http://womhist.alexanderstreet.com/portywca/today.htm.

SafeHaven Shelter for Families is Portland's only 24-hour emergency shelter and the only one that provides a place for families to stay as a unit, rather than separating them by gender.The shelter has operated for the past 11 years, serving 100-130 families each year. Because of the shelter’s services, 250-300 children per year are able to sleep in a bed rather than on the street or in a parked car. SafeHaven is relying more heavily than ever on volunteers during this economically fragile time, and the shelter will not be able to continue functioning without strong volunteer support. Your generosity of time to help this community changes the lives of children, helps break the cycle of poverty, and sends homeless parents a message of hope and support.

YWCA of Greater Portland, a non-profit organization Contact: [email protected] or 503-721-6766