Community Education Coordinator at Planned Parenthood

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organization:Planned Parenthood of Colunbia Williamette
position summary:

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Position Summary:

Provides effective reproductive health, and sexuality education programs and outreach to motivate people to adopt and maintain health-promoting attitudes and behaviors and contribute to PPCW’s mission to provide, promote, and protect access to sexual and reproductive health care. Coordinated up to two sites of the Teen Council peer education program; Cultivate opportunities for presentations and partnerships with schools, community based-organizations, churches, businesses in support of specific needs of diverse communities; supports the development of evaluation material; coordinated outreach efforts and special events; deliver trainings for groups of providers; Assists in training and support for educators, volunteers, and staff; participates in the development of programs in consultation with community; presents information to various community and professional groups; provides reports; represents the agency; and contributes to the team effort of the education and training department and agency, thereby ensuring quality education and training programs, and services for the community and clients.

Essential Functions:

Teen Council Peer Education Program • Provides coordination, training and oversight to successfully deliver the Teen Council Program and that includes assuring that Peer Educators are trained and prepared to provide education and outreach in their schools and community, that reporting data is collected and reported, and policies and procedures are followed. • Builds and maintains strategic partnerships in the community to ensure that recruitment and program outcomes are met. • Works with Youth Programs Manager to make contacts with school administrators, teachers, parent groups and community leaders in development and implementation of comprehensive sex education programs delivered by Teen Council peer educators. • Works with Teen Council Program staff team to coordinate and carry out an annual retreat for peer educators as well as an annual celebration for them, their parents and community members. • Coordinates and oversees weekly teen council trainings and meetings, and the special teen focused education trainings and outreach projects. • Generates and coordinates opportunities for Peer Educators, and co-presents with them the school-based Making Proud Choices and Making a Difference curricula presentations. • Utilizes state-of-the-art, researched curricula that emphasizes skill development, social learning theory, and encourages learner interaction. • Coordinated effective strategies to utilize technology to reach youth and young adults. • Makes assessments of services and programs for specific communities by gathering and reviewing demographic and cultural information about target populations, e.g. social and health-related behavior, needs, interests and obstacles to receiving reproductive and sexual health services. • Coordinates opportunities for outreach related to special events in the schools, community, churches, social and health agencies, parent and community groups and organizations, and PPCW Health Centers as prioritized by the Education and Training Department.

Community Education and Training • Provides education sessions utilizing Making Proud Choices, Making a Difference, Sexual Health Self Care, and other curriculum approved and prioritized by the Education and Training Department. • Delivers programs in schools, community based-organizations, other youth serving programs, and churches through public speaking, effective engagement strategies, writing and audio-visual material. • Presents information and facilitates trainings on sexuality topics and Planned Parenthood services to schools, community groups, professional organizations, and local providers through public speaking, writing and audio-visual material. • Builds and maintains strategic partnerships in the community to ensure that education, outreach, and referral outcomes are met. • Works with Education and Training Department staff in assessment and/or development or modification of curricula. • Utilizes state-of-the-art, researched curricula that emphasizes skill development, social learning theory, encourages learner interaction and includes learning and behavioral objectives and science-based instructional methodologies. • Administers evaluation tools to assess achievement of programs; maintains records of education, training, and outreach programs; submits monthly documentation reports of all sessions completed. • Coordinated outreach efforts and special events in the community as prioritized by the Education and Training Department. • Generates and coordinates opportunities for volunteers and interns to participate in special events in the community, churches, social and health agencies, parent and community groups and organizations as prioritized by the Education and Training Department.

Additional administrative and internal responsibilities: • Works with assigned health center staff to assure that staff have an accurate understanding of education programs and can share that information with community members and clients. • May assist with agency in-service training as well as other professional training programs as needed. • Assists in training of, and provides functional and technical support for volunteers, and interns. • Performs specialized duties in relation to grant or special projects of the Education and Training Department as assigned. • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops, reviewing professional publications, and establishing networks. • Represents PPCW at community meetings, events, and gatherings. • Attends meetings, trainings and special events as required. • Participates in relevant coalitions and networks. • Performs other duties as needed or directed.

Salary / Pay Rate:$14-$16/hr.
Required Skills and Abilities:Definition of competency: an underlying characteristic of an individual which is related to effective or superior performance in a job. It can be a motive, trait, self-concept, attitude or value, technical knowledge, or behavioral skill. It can be measured and it can be shown to differentiate significantly between superior and average performers, or between effective and ineffective performers. Achievement Orientation: Demonstrates desire to set and meet challenging objectives, to find a better or more efficient way to do things, and to compete against a self-defined standard of excellence. Adapting to Change or Flexibility: adapts easily to change, sees the merits of differing positions, and adapts ones own positions and strategies in response to new information or changes in a situation. Analytical Thinking: Breaks down problems or tasks, generates effective action plans. Reviews and evaluates own knowledge and experience as a means of thinking of multiple causes and consequences of events. Attention to Detail: Thoroughness in accomplishing a task through concern for all the areas involved no matter how small. Community Outreach Skills: Highly effective at creating strong community networks that support our programs and mission. Highly effective marketer for programs and services. Has a thorough understanding of community needs and uses the information to enhance out programs. Conceptual Thinking: Recognizes connections or patterns between situations that are not obvious to others, and identifies the key or underlying issues in complex situations. Content: Demonstrates a thorough understanding of the core content that includes Anatomy and Physiology, STIs, Birth Control, Sexuality, Pregnancy options, PPCW services, and demonstrates an exceptional interest in seeking new information. Creativity or Innovation: Demonstrates the ability to generate novel and valuable ideas and to use the ideas to develop new or improved processes, methods, or systems. Customer Service Orientation: Demonstrates concern for meeting internal and external customer needs in a manner that provides satisfaction. Anticipates additional needs of the customer beyond their current use of PPCW education services. Understands and finds solutions within the limits of what is available. Gains trust and support of peers. Can solve problems with peers with a minimum of disruptions in team work or program delivery. Cultural Awareness: Consistently seeks to learn more about diverse populations in the community and in the workplace, and attempts to integrate new understanding in the work. Dealing with Failure: The manner in which a person gives explanations or reasons for problems, failures, or other negative events. Demonstrates ownership for personal responsibility if appropriate and focuses on next steps to resolve or fix problems. Turns problem situations into learning opportunities. Expertise (technical or procedural): Applies, maintains and improves extensive or in-depth specialized knowledge or skills to accomplish a result or to serve one’s customers effectively (customers can be co-workers, peers, managers and external consumers of a service). Impact and Influence: Develops and uses effective strategies to influence others or to gain their support. Initiative: Evaluates, selects, and acts on various methods and strategies for solving problems and meeting objectives before being asked or required to do so; self-starting rather than passively complying with instructions or work orders. Interpersonal Sensitivity: Acts in a way that indicates understanding and accurate interpretation of other’s concerns, feelings, strengths, and limitations. Uses interpersonal understanding to shape one’s own response. Judgment: Demonstrates the ability to make decisions authoritatively and wisely, after adequately contemplating various available courses of action. Teamwork: Able to develop cooperation and work collaboratively toward solutions which generally benefit all involved parties. Organizational Commitment: Demonstrates an ability and willingness to align one’s own behavior with the needs, priorities, and goals of the organization. Peer Education Program Skills: Able to draw and select an ample number of young people who represent the community. Able to structure a year long training schedule and effectively train peer educators. Skilled in fostering and/or facilitating a functioning peer education group. Offers consistent support to help peer educators provide quality education. Constantly strives to develop and maintain a quality program. Presentation Skills: Demonstrates the ability to engage and motivate, knows group needs and is able to prioritize them, is welcoming and non-judgmental, is able to create a safe space for group members, maintains his/her role as facilitator, monitors and enforces ground rules, is able to provide a vision for the group, is able to plan and set goals for the group.
Qualifications:Education/Experience Required: Position requires a Bachelor’s degree in a related field or equivalent experience, two years of increasingly responsible experience involving the development, delivery, and administration of sexual health education programs and experience working with adolescents. Position requires knowledge of methods and techniques of sexual health education and of public presentations and professional training, knowledge of community resources, principles and procedures of record keeping and reporting as well as of program research, analysis and evaluation. Business letter writing and basic report preparation techniques are required as is the ability to effectively administer a variety of sexual health educational activities, establish and maintain cooperative-working relationships with those contacted in the course of work. Interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing are required. Position requires the ability to gain cooperation through discussion and negotiation and ability to participate in teamwork.
Education Required:College degree
Other:Equal Opportunity Employer
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