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Portland Multnomah Youth Corps needs Volunteers

Mayor Adams has started a career path program called The Portland Multnomah Youth Corps. It connects students entering 9th grade with summer career exposure and college visits. They are in desperate need of a few more volunteers. It is a big commitment; a day a week for five weeks but I think it will be very rewarding. I am sure it will have a very positive impact on the kids. Official fliers are attached but here is a short version. This is a VERY GOOD project in desperate need of just a few more quality volunteers. Is there any chance you can spread the word?   Time is very short, if anyone is interested please call or email as soon as possible.             

Steve Pixley, Volunteer Program Coordinator, 503-823-5121 or [email protected]

Basic Information          

Needed: Five adults to coach/mentor        

Time Commitment: Mandatory Training session June 12, noon to 4:30. One day per week for 5 consecutive weeks. Work will be either Wednesday or Friday; 8 to 5pm          

Job description: Working in pairs, volunteers will lead a group of 5 to 10 kids; 8th grade graduates moving to 9th grade. They will talk with them about career paths; potential employers and help them develop questions to ask of the business people and college staff they visit. The volunteers will accompany them on the site visits. There will be five site visits.         Volunteer can choose either Wednesday or Friday but they need to keep a stand schedule, i.e., choose 5 Fridays or 5 Wednesday, no mix sets. Vols will have the same group of kids throughout the program. Some site visit schedules begin the week of June 15th. Most begin June 22nd. A couple groups won't begin until early July.