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Career Connections Training and Internship Program for Young Adults

Free 3-year program that emphasizes career advising & long-term advocacy to support young adults in becoming financially independent! Apply for Summer by June 10th!

Begin with a challenging month-long training where students increase confidence, motivation and hope; while exploring career options, discovering strengths, learning effective career development skills, becoming a more competitive job seeker, and networking with local professionals.

Upon training completion, students apply for exclusive paid internships with our professional partners and receive career advising and college support 3 years.

We have extensive employer relationships in public service & local government, banking, healthcare and professional business but, no matter what our students want to pursue, we help them to develop their professionalism, gain career exposure and get a jumpstart on their plans!

All of our services are tailored to each student's interests and goals. Summer training is June 22-July 24 Monday-Friday 9-3 Downtown Portland

Link to here for our website: http://www.openmeadow.org/open/meadow/schools/C155/ Link here for a detailed flyer:

Application Process: 1) Link to the detailed program information above and look it over

2) Call Sarah Lechner- Training Coordinator- to let her know you are interested (no later than June 10th & sooner the better). 503-488-5178

3) Participate in two rounds of professional interviews between now and June 16th