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**Still room in Saturday's workshop at TLC Farm with Judy BlueHorse: Living with the Gifts of the Seasons**

Living with the Gifts of the Seasons: Saturday June 13, 9am-1pm at Tryon Life Community Farm

Educator and herbalist, Judy BlueHorse Skelton, shares traditional uses of native plants for food, medicine, craft and ceremony to nourish, heal, and regenerate personal, family and community well-being. With Tryon Creek Forest as our classroom, we’ll explore the gifts each season offers and learn how to integrate ancient knowledge and contemporary nutritional/lifestyle research into our daily lives.

Drawing from the Medicine Wheel and indigenous gathering cycles and calendars, we’ll develop a seasonal living plan that resonates with the rhythms of our region. As we Re-Member and deepen our relationship with the elements, the un-seen world, and our ancestors, we heal historical trauma and recognize the Green Path to well-being.

Each of the 4 seasonal workshops offers: - Plant walks to identify and meet our Plant relations; - Medicine-making activities, from teas and herbal salves, to distilling essential oils from our native trees - Edible and medicinal garden design & education, blending permaculture principles with traditional ecological knowledge - Practices to strengthen intuitive and energetic healing skills - Healing power of color, aroma, water, touch, stones, song

9am – 1pm. Herbal tea served. Class limited to 15. $50 for each 4-hour workshop or $175 for entire series. For more information visit www.tryonfarm.org.  To register please email [email protected], or call (503)245-3847.

SUMMER – Saturday, June 13th FALL – Saturday, October 3rd WINTER – Saturday, December 5th SPRING – Saturday, March TBA