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Community Resilience and Sustainability Internship - TransitionPDX

Summer internship (20 hrs/wk, mid-June to mid-August, flexible dates and days)

Transition PDX, a Portland expression of the global Transition Town initiatives (see transitiontowns.org) was organized in mid 2008 and now has steering committee and an office in SE Portland. See TPDX's mission at TransitionPDX.org. Given Portland's advanced status as a city working toward sustainability, opportunities abound for partnerships, collaborations, project development, building organizational capacity, membership recruitment and training. The Internship provides experience in grassroots organizing and non-profit organizational development. Ideal for students of social permaculture, ecological sociology, ecopsychology, environmental studies, social work, especially those who see the interconnectedness of self, culture, community, nature, and economy.

The internship does not pay (sorry). Two to three other interns will be working with you on flexible schedules.

Possible activities, depending on skills and interests, include:

Development of TransitionPDX.org website. Assist with mapping of community assets relevant to community resilience and energy descent. Networking and cross-pollinating among existing sustainability projects. Plan and organize high school and senior citizen outreach effort for Fall 2009.

A typical 20-hr week, for example, might include 2 hours of planning, 4 hours of office work, 4 hours of research, and 10 hours of outreach and networking.

Relevant skills include:

Video production Website design Public communication (in various media) Social marketing and networking Event organizing, publicity, and logistics

Supervision of internship provided by Tod Sloan, professor of counseling psychology, Lewis & Clark Graduate School and a Transition PDX mentor of the intern's choice. Mutual evaluation and feedback built into the work process.

Send CV and cover letter (one page) to [email protected] Cover letter should include: -- educational background -- relevant work and life experience -- skills -- particular reasons for being interested in this internship

Accepting applications until the positions are filled.