Facilitate Children’s Groups in the Community

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organization:Volunteers of America Home Free
position summary:

Kids group offers the children in our program a chance to have a positive experience with kind, respectful people who are well-trained and fun to play with. Kids group is a mostly unstructured playtime that includes opportunities for children to gain support and information about the violence in their lives. It’s a time for kids to connect with positive adults and express themselves through play. Volunteers are encouraged to brainstorm with each other and with the children’s advocates about fun activities for the children. Volunteers who facilitate children’s playgroups are providing a great service to the children by being a consistent, trusted adult. Children’s self-esteem is strengthened in the playroom when volunteers model and teach positive ways of talking and safe ways to solve problems. You can be the person to bring this experience to the life of a child surviving domestic violence. The moms also benefit from your volunteerism as the kids’ group volunteer. When volunteers come to play with kids, the moms get to come together for support groups about parenting issues, domestic violence, and other important topics. Without your commitment to the children’s playgroups, kids could not be served so wholly and moms could not come together for adult support. Groups take place in outer SE Portland, at our confidential location. Kids Groups are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

Salary / Pay Rate:Volunteer position
Required Skills and Abilities:Each volunteer must complete one full day of training before starting to volunteer on-site. Saturday July 25th 9am-4:30 pm. Lunch will be provided at the training session. •the training will cover the following topics: - Dynamics of Domestic Violence - The effects of domestic violence on children - Tools for working with children survivors of domestic violence Interested? Please contact: Joleen Fuller at 503.802.0494 or [email protected]