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Got cooking skills?

Hello! I work for REACH CDC as a Resident Services Coordinator. I am looking for someone who can volunteer one evening a month to teach a cooking workshop to low income/formerly homeless adults. The focus is cooking on a budget-using items found in food boxes, community harvests, etc. Generally the cook teaches how to prepare the meal on a limited budget, shares helpful hints and tidbits, and the residents assist in prepping the entrees. The group eats what has been prepared in the end. The groups are small (10-15 people) and the workshops have generally lasted 2 hours. This workshop differs from a traditional classroom atmosphere as it also works on socialization skills for the residents. All materials, including food, are provided. I would like the volunteer to commit for one year as it is important for the residents to have consistency. I am looking for the volunteer to begin in August.

If you are interested please contact Debbie Lowder at 503.231.0585, or [email protected]