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Looking for Cantonese and ASL Translators

Hello, I am trying to arrange American Sign Language (ASL) and Cantonese translation at an upcoming event that I believe many of you would find interesting and enjoyable. The event is our annual Community Strategic Training Initiative from July 31st to August 2nd and consists of three days of workshops punctuated by plenaries and cultural events. You can read about the event on our website here:


We need to find two people for each day for each language (so you can spell each other) and would like to know if you are interested, available and what your rates are.  Please respond as soon as possible so we can confirm arrangements soon. 

RuthAlice Anderson Admin & Finance Manager Western States Center PO Box 40305 Portland, OR 97240 ph: 503-228-8866 ext. 107 fax: 503-228-1965 e-mail: [email protected]

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